Friends & Neighbors

Nye Hill Farm

Situated in Roxbury, NH, Nye Hill is a USDA certified organic farm and animal sanctuary. NHF is a cornerstone of the Monadnock Region providing the community with maple syrup and candy, wool, eggs, farm-crafted beer, organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and apple cider. Fireworks utilizes the farm’s renowned Thai Basil in our Nye Thai Margaritas, along with other produce and herbs in our dishes.

Partners Garden

Partners’ Garden is a small scale farm providing access to organically grown produce and fresh cut flowers in Nelson, NH. After treading in their city lives for a more sustainable way of life, this husband and wife team are a foundational part of the Fireworks’ family by providing us with garnish, flowers, and produce. If you have ever experienced one of our cocktails with edible flowers as a garnish, you can thank Jenna and Tyler!

Archway Farm

Located  in Keene, NH, Archway Farm is our local source  for pasture raised pork, chicken, and beef in our dishes. Dedicated to preserving the craft of traditional butchery, Archway Farms cuts and packages all products on site.

Natalie blake - Artist

Sensuous and curvilinear, Natalie Blake Studios’ tiles are handmade, sgraffito-carved, high-fired ceramic wall art and backsplash ties, unique in their undulating quality.

Emily Lambert - Artist

American artist Emily Noelle Lambert creates abstract paintings, totemic sculptures and installations that echo an evocative interrelation between color and form. Inspired by automatic drawings and plein air paintings, Lambert’s gestural compositions reflect different aspects of her surroundings.

Prime Roast Coffee

Prime Roast Coffee Co. is a small batch coffee roaster and café in Keene, NH. The company was started in 1993 to bring the absolutely freshest coffee possible to the Monadnock Region.

Colonial Theater

The Colonial Theater brings the world’s best touring performing artists right here in our community. Whether it is providing a stage for singers that inspire, evenings that take us down memory lane, physical performances that make jaws drop, or the sly wit of a comedian, perhaps the most important part of what happens here is sharing those experiences togehter.

Billies & Tilli

Mary Potter O’Neal, creator of Billies & Tilli, has spent her life surrounded and inspired by the woods of New Hampshire and the Oceans of Maine. Her curated designs tell the story of a deep love for the natural world which melds both vintage and contemporary aesthetics.

Keene Pride

The mission of Keene Pride is to promote the visibility of LGBTQ+ people in the Monadnock Region, create community-building programming, and develop a coalition of services, organizations and businesses that embrace and serve the LGBTQ+ population.